How To Get All Expense Paid Internships Abroad In 2022 | Full Guide

all-expense paid internships abroad

Funding the costs of an international internship is always very expensive. The reason is that getting the money to finance the program does not come easy. Now, how about getting an internship that covers every cost of your travel? Therefore, learn how to get all-expense paid internships abroad.

Generally, international internships are highly coveted by students. This is because it helps them to build connections as well as build their resumes. For students, international internships open the doors to many rewarding careers.

However, the amount of money that is required to fund the trip for the internship abroad is always the problem. From paying the visa costs to flight tickets, the money is usually huge for students. Consequently, this discourages many students from applying to internships abroad.

This begs the question as to what can be done to avert this problem. For this reason, we have put down tips on how you can get all-expense paid internships abroad. You will also find in this article a list of all-expense-paid internships that you can apply to.

Is it possible to find all expense paid internship abroad?

Yes. While all-expense-paid internships abroad are relatively small, you can still find them online. The preparations for most international internships are capital intensive. That is to say; you will need a lot of money to cater for visas, airfare, accommodation, living expenses, etc.

The financial requirement is the major reason such internships receive few applications, unlike local internships.

However, with all-expense paid internships, students that shy away from foreign internships can now apply without having to worry about the preparation costs. Most of the abroad all-expense paid internships pay almost like a full-time entry-level job.

Statistics show that large organizations in developed countries offer most of the all-expense-paid internships. This is unlike small or non-profit organizations in developing countries.

If you are applying to an internship abroad, go for organizations that have an established presence and a wide outreach.

On the other hand, some startups offer all-expense paid internships. These startups offer fully-paid internships abroad in a bid to get the most promising talents.

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Where can I get all expense paid internships abroad?

Now that you have the idea that fully paid internships abroad exist, it is time to know where you can get them.

If you are seeking fully-paid internships, listed below are platforms that offer all-expense paid internships abroad:

1. Capital Placement

Capital Placement is one of the best platforms that provide all-expense-paid internships abroad for candidates. The platform will do the necessary research as regards any internship program and give you the details in full.

How does Capital Placement make this research? Capital Placement collaborates with over 1500 organizations across 30 industries worldwide to offer internships to students and fresh graduates.

By signing up on the platform, the platform will list internships that match your skill. The internship programs are offered by multinational corporations, small organizations, and startups.

Capital Placement provides students and fresh graduates with partially paid and fully paid internships in London and Singapore. Below are the internships that you can get on Capital Placement:

Paid Internship in London

Capital Placement offers paid internship programs in London. By signing up on the platform, you will have access to over 500 top companies in almost every career field in London.

If you get the internship, the platform will pay for your Tier 5 visa costs. Additionally, Capital Placement will pay for your accommodation and medical insurance for a period of six (6) months.

You can also get paid summer internships with a stipend in London.

Paid Remote Internships

Capital Placement offers several paid remote internships to people who have family, work, and study commitments. The remote internship will give you the opportunity to grow your career from your bedroom.

In addition, the remote internship takes between six (6) to twelve (12) weeks to complete. It will also require you to commit between 10 to 40 hours of your time.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive £750 to sponsor your travel plans to any of the all-expense-paid internships abroad.

All expense paid internship in Singapore

Capital Placement can help you to secure a paid internship in Singapore if you wish to work there. The fully paid internship will cover the cost of visa, accommodation, and medical insurance.

You will have the opportunity to work and build connections at any of over 600 companies in Singapore.

On the other hand, Capital Placement offers specialized internships in some leading industries and they include:

Advertising internship

People that wish to grow a career in advertisement can get an internship on Capital Placement in certain cities. The cities include London, Singapore, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

The internship program will require you to work in management, advertising strategy, market research, administration, and media planning. You can access the advertisement internship here.

Business internship

Students that are majoring in the field of business can get fully paid internships in cities including London, Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore, and Dubai. Interns can expect to work in business operations, business development, project management, administration, client communications, and customer service.

Check out the business internships here.

Fashion internship

Capital Placement offers fashion internships in London, Mumbai, and Singapore. The program will require you to work in merchandising, fashion management, and fashion design. So, click here to apply for a fashion internship.

IT internships

IT internship is one of the most rewarding amongst others. Interns that wish to be in the tech field can work in renowned companies in London, Singapore, Chennai, and Bangalore.

By taking this internship program, you will gain valuable experience in UI/UX design, data science, front-end development, back-end development, product management, and project management.

Sign up to get IT internships here.

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2. Enternships

Enternships is an internship platform like Capital Placement.

The platform focuses on placing students and fresh graduates in business development and other marketing fields. Students can also find internships inside the aforementioned fields.

Every internship position on Enternships is in line with the National Minimum Wage Legislation. Applicants can always find at least a partially-paid internship on the platform.

Visit the Enternships website and sign up.

3. Work In Startups

Many startups provide some of the best opportunities for learning and work. However, it is always very challenging.

Work In Startups is a very big platform that advertises job opportunities and has been active since 2011. The platform also offers internship opportunities to students and recent graduates.

On the platform, you will find thousands of internship roles in many career fields. Work In Startups provides these internships through its partnership with top startups including Amazon Web Services and Uber VU. You will also find several fully paid internships on Work In Startups.

Sign up to get an internship here.

4. eFinancialCareers

eFinancialCareers is a platform that is designed for people that are into or wish to enter the field of finance. According to reports, eFinancialCareers is the leading financial services career platform in the world.

While other internship platforms offer thousands of internships, eFinancialCareers does not. On the platform, you can get a few dozen open internships but they are worth applying to.

Nowadays, top financial companies and investment banks require employers to complete an internship with them before they can gain full-time employment with the firm. So, try and sign up for an internship role during your studies.

If you are among the outstanding interns, the company will provide funding for your studies. So, visit the website of eFinancialCareers and search for an internship now!

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5. TARGETjobs

TARGETjobs is one of the most widely used internship platforms by students. This is because the platform offers thousands of internships and graduate jobs. Most of the internship roles on TARGETjobs are paid.

Statistics show that more than 170,000 new students from the top 30 universities worldwide use the platform every year.

Many multinational companies in the U.K use TARGETjobs to acquire promising and skilled talents in several career fields. The good thing is that majority of the internships on the platform are for students and fresh graduates.

Internship roles that you will find on the platform are in fields like medicine, law, engineering, education, and public service. You can sign up here to find an internship.

6. Erasmus Intern

Erasmus Intern is a not-for-profit organization that is located in Belgium. Every year, the organization provides thousands of internships to more than 180,000 students all over the world.

The platform is the best bet for students that wish to intern in any European country. So, visit the website of Erasmus Intern and apply to any internship that interests you.

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How can I get all expense paid internship abroad?

Every year, the competition for paid internships continues to rise like inflation in an underdeveloped country. However, this does not mean that you cannot secure the internship.

Below are the tips that will make your search for a fully paid internship abroad to be a lot easier:

Many paid internships take a longer period of time (usually six (6) months to a year) to complete. In addition, longer internships usually come with reasonable payments. So, try and seek internships with a longer duration as you will have more chances of being compensated.

Not many companies offer fully paid internships. So, if your aim of interning is money order than gaining valuable work experience, check another company. By checking out other companies, you may find one that offers more compensation while gaining work experience.

Keep in mind that all internships are not paid. So, before you begin the internship, make your expectations known to your employer. Tell your employer that you cannot work for free during the internship. This may convince your employer to pay you.


While some people still think that there is nothing like all-expense-paid internships abroad, they do exist.

If you are seeking fully paid internships abroad, go for placement services that match your career field. By so doing, it will enable you to acquire the valuable skills that can make your career to be more promising.

Keep in mind that fully paid internships abroad are competitive and most of them have a longer duration. So, go for internships that last from a few months to one year. You will stand a better chance of landing one.

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