How To Get Internship In Google: Best Tips

how to get internship in google

Many students and working professionals worldwide usually seek internships at Google. Internship positions in Google are highly sought-after. This is the reason why getting an internship at Google is highly competitive.

An internship is of great importance in every career field. It serves as a means to equip students and working professionals with modern digital skills that are in demand.

When you have these skills, you will be open to more profitable jobs. In addition, the skills that you will acquire will qualify you for promotion in any workplace that you find yourself in.

On the other hand, interns in Google do not only gain digital skills as there are other benefits that come with the internship. These benefits include payment of stipends and the opportunity for a return offer upon successful completion of the program.

The aforementioned benefits are the reasons why Google internships are highly competitive thereby making it a bit difficult to get one.

How to get an internship at Google is not very difficult as you may think. While it may seem difficult to some people, it can only be easy if you know the best steps to follow.

So, if you are seeking an internship at Google, this article will give you details on how to apply and what to include in your resume to make your application stand out. Additionally, you will get to know the likely interview questions and the tips that will help you to land the internship position.

About Google

Google LLC is a multinational technology company in the United States that deal with internet-related services and products. These services and products include online advertising, cloud computing, a search engine, software, and hardware.

Google continues to serve millions of users all over the world. It has the most famous and leading search engine because the search engine has the largest number of users all over the world.

Is it difficult to get an internship in Google?

Internships in Google are one of the most coveted opportunities all over the world. This is because of the large volume of applications that the program receives annually.

According to reports, the Google internship program has an acceptance rate of 3.75%. Therefore, this shows that the Google internship program is very hard to get. If you compare its acceptance rate to that of Harvard’s, you will find out that Google’s is harder to get into.

Despite this, Glassdoor ranks the Google internship program as the fourth-highest paying internship all over the world. If you are an intern at Google, you are very sure of receiving a median salary of $7500 per month.

What internships does Google offer?

Google offers two types of internships. They include technical internships and product management internships. These internships are available to students pursuing graduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs in Computer Science and other related fields of study.

Who is eligible for the Google internship?

The first step to knowing how to get an internship at Google is to check if you are eligible for the program.

Under the graduate category, students in the third and fourth years can be eligible for the internship program. If you are from another stream but you have a strong background in coding and algorithm, you may be selected for the program.

In addition, students that have completed the first year of their MBA program are eligible for the Google internship program. Google internship program for MBA students usually takes between 10-12 weeks to complete.

How do I apply for the Google internship program?

Now that you know what can qualify you to get an internship in Google, the next step is the application process.

Generally, there are four ways of applying for an internship position in Google. The four major ways include:

  • Online application
  • Employment referral
  • Mailing the Google HR

1. Online Application

With the aid of your mobile device or computer, search for the latest Google internship programs in 2022. You can find them here at Internships – Google careers.

Then, you will find many Google internships and their various qualifications. Select the internship program that matches your qualification by clicking on the link provided.

Enter your details including your resume (in PDF format) and transcript. Make sure that you cross-check your details. Afterward, click on the “submit” button.

Ensure to print out your registration slip and keep it for future use.

2. Employee Referral

Online application is not the only means of applying for Google internship. If you have a friend or relative that works with Google, you can ask them to refer you for an internship position there.

For applicants who do not have a friend or relative working with Google, they can get employee referrals by reaching out to some Google employees through their social media handles (LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook).

A referral from an employee will only get you past the resume screening stage, afterward, the screening is the same for everybody.

3. Mailing the Google HR

You can also apply for Google internship by sending a direct application via mail to the human resource manager at Google.

To do this, look for a former intern (Xoogler) and ask him/her to give you the email address of Google’s HR.

While crafting your mail, clearly state your purpose for the internship. Attach a compelling cover letter and resume to the mail and send it across.

NOTE: Like we said earlier, Google internships are highly sought-after, so only the best applications are selected. Ensure to edit your resume so as to highlight skills that most relevant to the internship position you are applying.

Additionally, use certain numbers and goals to explain previous projects that you have handled. Try and be precise while making your explanation.

Submitting your application on time is very important if you want to stand a chance of being selected. Most internship positions are usually filled y February. Therefore, send in your applications between October and January as this is the most optimal period.

The Interview Stage

After submitting your application, the recruiting team evaluates your resume and transcript to know if you are qualified for the role.

If your resume and transcript is excellent, you will qualify to participate in a series of technical interviews. The technical interview involves completing a coding exercise and survey.

Most of the technical interviews deal with Data Structures and Algorithms as well as some general coding questions. To be succesful in the technical interviews, you need to know Linked list (Single and Doubly), Stack, Queues, Heaps, Hashing, Binary Search Tree, Bit Manipulation, Basic Graph Traversal & Shortest Path.

After completing the interview, the recruiting team reviews answers from your interview, resume, and other related documents. If your application stands out, the hiring committee places your questionnaire in a pool for host matching.

Applicants that make it to the host matching stage are always advised to be patient as getting a host takes time. This is because the hiring team looks through all the applicants to decide who to take as an intern. Once you are selected as an intern, the potential host will organize a follow-up interview to know if you are still interested.

Well, if you are not the patient type, you can secure a host if you know people whose teams seek an intern or have a competing offer.

Once you find a potential host, you will take non-technical interviews over the phone. This will enable the host to determine whether you are fit for the team.

On the other hand, hiring managers filter out certain applicants who strategically fill out matching questionnaires so that they can selected. A hiring manager may decide not to select you during the follow-up interview over the phone if you fail to outline your interests.

What To Do During The Internship

Once you get an internship in Google, it feels like you have struck gold. Make the best out of your time. Keep in mind that the duration of the internship is usually not too long.

Previously, Google offers housing to interns but now, the housing is being replaced with a stipend. The stipend is used by interns to get an accommodation from where they can commute to work.

Therefore, endeavor to find a place that is not too far from your workplace so that you do not have to commute long distances daily.

While many interns dream of working at Google full-time, the internship program is not a guarantee for a full-time job at the company. During the internship program, you will have a meetin with your hiring manager. They will tell you about your performance and this will determine if you will get a permanent offer or not.

Your performance alone will not determine a return offer as you will need to complete two rounds of technical interviews. Failures in the two rounds of technical interviews would mean no return offer irrespective of your recommendations.

The reason is that the tasks in the technical interviews are quite different from the internship work. Consequently, interns start studying very hard for the technical interviews beginning from a few weeks prior to the completion of the internship program.

Final Thoughts

Landing an internship role in Google feels like you have won a visa lottery. Google internship is highly coveted as it is very hard getting one unlike a Havard admission.

While a compelling cover letter, resume, and transcript are required, zero knowledge of coding will not land you the role. Keep in mind that you will take technical interviews over the phone or in-person.

Many interns dream of transiting from internship to permanent roles in Google. You cannot achieve this feat without hard work.

Getting an internship role at Google is usually very difficult. However, this article has just outlined how you can easily land an internship role in the company.



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