How long does it Take To Be An Electrician?

How long does it Take To Be An Electrician?

How Long Does It Take To Be An Electrician?

Do you aspire to become a great electrician someday? If yes, then it is essential you ask key questions such as” how long does it take to be an electrician?”

“What are the requirements for becoming an electrician?” 

“What do an electrician do?” etc.

There’s a popular adage that says those who ask questions do not get lost.

Therefore, be rest assured you will definitely find answers to your questions in this article.

Moreover, whether you are a man or woman, pursuing a career in the  electrical field is a great goal.

However you have to pass through the required training in order to become certified.

Getting the right knowledge on how long your training will last will help you know the next step to take.

Therefore, in this article we have carefully outlined how long it takes to become a certified Electrician.

We will also look at what electricians actually do and the basic requirements of becoming one.

How long does it take to be an Electrician?

Basically how long it will take you to become an electrician mainly depends on the path you take.

Many people who want to become an electrician get trained through an apprenticeship program.

Nevertheless, on the average, becoming an electrician takes about four to five years.

However there are basic factors that could help shorten your apprenticeship period.

These factors include;

  • Undertaking an approved electrical contractor training program. Here you can work as a helper and in so doing shorten your apprenticeship years.
  • Having prior military or construction experience may help shorten your apprenticeship period.
  • Getting a technical school experience or relevant associate degree can give you credit towards your apprenticeship.

Who is an Electrician and what does an Electrician Do? 

An electrician is simply a person that designs,installs,maintains and repairs electrical wiring systems and devices.

They mostly work in commercial and industrial settings where they deal with electrical systems.

Electricians are also responsible for power lighting and communication systems.

Their duties vary widely based on the type of specialization and position.

Basically they are either inside wire men or outside linemen.

Most inside wire men electricians focus on wiring of buildings while the outside linemen focus mainly on outside work such as repairing transformers etc.

Listed below are some of the standard duties of electricians.

  • They make use of tools such as voltmeters and ammeters to troubleshoot electrical systems.
  • Repairing existing networks and installing new wiring systems.
  • Electricians must adhere to the safety and standard guidelines in the National Electrical Code.
  • They inspect and maintain circuit breakers and other electrical components.

Basic Steps/ requirements on how to Become an Electrician.

In this section, we have carefully outlined six steps on how to become an electrician.

#1. You must Earn a high School Diploma or pass the GED exam.

If you must become an electrician then it is important you adhere to this requirement.

Getting this education gives you fundamental knowledge on necessary courses you will need in the long run in this career path.

Some of these courses include; science, basic math, reasoning and communication skills etc.

#2. You should pay attention to getting work experience.

As an aspirant you should really consider getting work experience before applying for apprenticeship.

You can work as an helper and help electricians to retrieve tools and do some manual labor.

This will help you get firsthand experience on your chosen career path.

Even though working as a helper isn’t a requirement on its own, it enables you show off your potential.

Furthermore through doing it you are more likely to get an apprenticeship with the employer of your choice.

#3. Go for classroom education.

You don’t necessarily need years of schooling to become an electrician.

Nevertheless, you need to complete some classroom hours which is about 100.

Engaging in classroom education helps you to learn the trade, such as mastering safety practices and memorizing electrical code requirements.

Truly, many apprenticeship programs also have classrooms education.

However, you can get this part of the process another way.

Technical schools offer a mix of classrooms education and practical experience.

Therefore, most aspiring electricians opt for it even though tuition fees are involved.

Nevertheless, technical schools help you to qualify for your apprenticeship more easily.

#4.Complete your apprenticeship.

The next step is to apply for an electrician apprenticeship through a professional organization.

These three organizations are standard options you can opt for.

They include;International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), Association of Building Contractors (ABC).

Furthermore, most of these organizations require you to take an entrance exam and complete at least one interview.

One good news is that all electrical apprenticeships are paid therefore you will be earning an income through this period.

Awesome right? yes, I know you will love that.

Nevertheless, how long you spend in electrician training depends on the requirements you’ve completed and the credits you’ve garnered.

And majorly the duration of your apprenticeship also varies from state to state.

But basically you will need approximately four years to become an electrician.

Most full-time apprentices earn 2000 hours in a year.

Therefore, if you work full-time you will need to complete a four year program.

However, if you work part-time then your apprenticeship period will last much longer.

#5. Successfully pass the Journeyman exam and become licensed. 

In most states the  journeyman exam is the first stage of becoming a licensed electrician. The Journeyman exam covers topics such as wiring methods, electrical theory and safety issues.

Generally, when people ask how long it takes to be an electrician, they are majorly referring to how long it takes to become a Journeyman electrician.

Becoming a Journeyman electrician entails completing all the necessary training which can enable you to work independently.

Therefore, basically if you are aspiring to get an electrician license then you should plan on spending four years to become a Journeyman.

Because it is only after you have passed this exam that you are considered a licensed electrician.

#6. Ensure you renew your license periodically.

Typically an electrician’s license is renewed every three years.

Therefore, when you become one, you should endeavor to renew your license in order to keep it current.

In most cases, you are expected to complete continuing education credits to renew.

However you have to confirm the specific requirements from your state’s electrical contractor licensing board.


Becoming an electrician is a high professional skill that  is in demand and pays really well.

As the world makes use of more electrical systems,gadgets and devices, the need for electricians continues to grow.

Therefore pursuing a career in the electrical field is a worthy pursuit.

We hope you found this article on “How long does it take to be an electrician?” very beneficial.

Listed below are some other frequently asked questions you may need answers to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Become an Auto Electrician? 

First and foremost who is an Auto Electrician you may ask.

An auto electrician is one who deals with the installation, maintenance and repairing of the wiring and electrical system in automobiles.

Therefore this requires getting additional knowledge and skills about the electrical components of vehicles.

Nevertheless it is an awesome field in the electrical world.

So if you are passionate about working on cars as an electrician then by all means you should go for the training.

Basically, the apprenticeship period of automotive electricians takes about 42-48 months to complete.

In addition they are usually available as a school-based apprenticeship.

How long does it take to get an Electrician’s License? 

Getting an Electrician’s license is not  a day’s job, neither is it a bed of roses.

However with the right attitude and pursuit it is obtainable.

From what we mentioned above, we have certainly discussed in detail what it takes to become a certified electrician.

We have noted that, on average, it takes about four to five years to get an Electrician’s license.

Therefore, you need to bear in mind that you will have to undergo certain training and exams before you are certified.

Hence the need to ensure you put in your best to get every essential knowledge and pass all required examinations.

This is to avoid prolonged periods of training, and apprenticeship.

How Many Years does it Take to Become a Master Electrician? 

Just as the name implies, a master electrician is a master on his own.

This category of electricians can own their own electrical enterprises and even train and supervise other electricians.

They have attained a level where they can work as licensed contractors.

Different states have their own requirement for becoming a master electrician.

However to become a master electrician takes about seven good years of training under a master electrician.

During this apprenticeship period you are also required to pass various exams.


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