10 Tips on How to get Aircraft Mechanic License

How to get Aircraft Mechanic License
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If your goal is to become a licensed Aircraft Mechanic, then this article on 10 tips on how to get an aircraft mechanic license is definitely for you.

In addition, if you also want to get the right information on what an Aircraft Mechanic is, you are also onto the right post.

Truly, it is a good thing to have technical know-how about aircrafts. However it is an added advantage to become a licensed aircraft mechanic.

This is because getting a license shows you have been certified as a professional. Thereby giving you a level of authority in the aircraft field.

Most times it also increases income levels and creates a sense of responsibility for you as an individual.

However, there are key strategies on how to get an Aircraft Mechanic License. These strategies have been listed in this article to show you how to get an aircraft mechanic License as a United States citizen.

Nevertheless, non-citizens are surely not left out. Therefore we will also give some tips to non citizens seeking to obtain a license for a registered aircraft in the US.

It is no longer news that the Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for issuing license to aircraft mechanics.

Also known as FAA for short, aircraft mechanics in the United States get authorized by them.

Therefore for you to work legitimately on civil aircrafts, you need to become a licensed aircraft mechanic.

Who is a Licensed Aircraft Mechanic?

A Licensed aircraft mechanic is one who has obtained the required certification from the right authorities in order to work on an aircraft.

This certification comes in two separate packages but are obtained at the same time. These certificates are called the Airframe and Powerplant certificate or A&P.

Therefore a licensed Aircraft mechanic is a person that holds both Airframe and Powerplant certificates from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Having said that, let’s take a good look at where a Licensed Aircraft Mechanic can work.

Where is a Licensed Aircraft Mechanic needed?

An Aircraft Mechanic who has gotten an A&P license can help in the maintenance of a civil aircraft.

Furthermore, they are highly needed and can be employed by aircraft manufacturers, airlines, corporate flight departments, aviation airports etc.

Nevertheless, some Licensed Aircraft Mechanics only work on their own aircraft just as a hobby. However, whether you work on aircraft as a hobby or it is advisable and better to be licensed Aircraft Mechanic.

Now you have known the usefulness of being a Licensed Aircraft mechanic , let’s forge ahead and see how to get the license.

Tips on How to get an Aircraft Mechanic License

Here are some useful tips on how to get an Aircraft Mechanic License for US citizens.

  • You must meet the age Requirement.
  • Make sure you understand English properly
  • Go to an FAA-Approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School
  • Opt for Practical Experience
  • Document your practical experience.
  • Have an interview
  • Identify the different test you need to take 
  • Register for the tests.
  •  Study for your tests.
  • Don’t fail your exams

#1. You must meet the age Requirement.

Generally, when it comes to getting a license, the first thing that is put into consideration is the age of the individual.

This is because getting a license for anything demands responsibility. And there are certain levels of responsibility a child isn’t expected to carry.

Therefore, If you are not up to 18 years you are not qualified to seek an aircraft mechanic license.

Furthermore you will need to get sufficient practical experience before applying for this license.

Therefore, realistically you may not be able to apply for a license until you are over 18 years.

#2. Make sure you understand English properly.

As long as you are a United States citizen, your proficiency in English language is very important.

Therefore, your ability to speak, understand, read and write English is a major requirement for becoming a licensed Aircraft Mechanic.

So if you are not so good in English then, the earlier you start to work on it the better for you.

#3. Go to an FAA-Approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School.

No one issues license to a person that lacks experience and knowledge in any particular field. And becoming a licensed Aircraft Mechanic is definitely not an exception.

Therefore one of the ways to get Aircraft knowledge is to enroll in an FAA approved aviation maintenance technical school.

You can start by searching a database on the FAA website for nearby aviation schools.

Search either by city, state or country when you see a desired school, then contact them and get more information.

However, before you get into most aviation maintenance technician schools you must have a high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED).

Furthermore you may likely spend up to 12 -24 months in these schools. Nevertheless you don’t have to worry because the time and other resources you invest in schooling won’t be a waste.

Graduates from a technical school normally get higher starting salaries than non graduates.

This is one major reason you should consider going to an aviation maintenance technical school.

#4. Opt for Practical Experience.

Apart from going to a technical school, this is another good way to get sufficient technical know-how.

You can opt for an 18 months practical experience for just airframes.

However if you want to get both Airframes and Powerplant certificates, then you can get 30 months practical experience for both.

Most people tend to get their practical experience with on-the-job training in the  military. While some also get theirs through civilian-on-the-job  training.

#5. Document your practical experience.

This is an essential tip you should always remember to do.

After getting your practical experience ensure you get pay receipts and a log book signed by your supervising mechanic.

Furthermore, endeavor to get a notarized statement from your employer as to your service.

#6. Have an interview.

This is also a very essential point. If you are depending on practical experience then you should get interviewed by the FAA Airworthiness Inspector.

After a satisfactory review, this person is responsible for reviewing your paperwork and giving credit to your work experience.

#7. Identify the different exams you need to take.

Now after getting the required experience, you will still need to undergo some tests to become licensed.

Therefore, identifying the different exams you will take is very important. Basically, you will need to take oral, practical and written exams before you can be certified as an Aircraft Mechanic.

#8. Register for your exams.

You will need to register for the oral and practical exams. The oral and practical tests will likely be conducted by a Designated Mechanic Examiner.

These tests cover 43 different technical subjects and may last about eight hours.

Furthermore you will also need to register for a written test.

This can be done by showing your proof of experience to an FAA inspector, who will decide if you are qualified to take the test.

This decision will be based on the experience you have gotten.

#9. Study for your exams.

Indeed if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. Studying hard for your exams is very important if you want to excel.

There’s no shortcut to success, therefore preparing for your exams is non-negotiable.

For the written exams you can get sample questions for the general airframe and powerplant test.

These are available in PDFs at the FAA website.

#10. Don’t fail your exams

Finally the last tip on our article is “Don’t fail your exams. If you really want to get an Aircraft Mechanic License then you need to pass all your exams.

You must pass all three (oral, practical and written) exams within 24 months. Certainly after  you have passed, the FAA will issue your License to you.

However, if you fail an exam, then you have to wait up to 30 days before retaking it.

Nevertheless, you can take it earlier, if you write a letter to the Examiner, stating that you have gotten additional training in the subject you failed.

Tips on how to get Aircraft Mechanic License For Non-citizens.

Non-citizens of the United States, can also get Aircraft Mechanic License. You must pass all the required exams too. If you are a not a US citizen here are additional tips you should know.

#1.  You must be up to 18 years and above before you can get a license

#2. You must indicate that you need a license in order to maintain civil aircraft registered in the US.

#3.  You must show you are not a US citizen or resident alien in  the United States.

#4.  Produce a detailed statement from your employer that explains what specific types of maintenance you perform on each aircraft.

#5. Also the statement should bear the duration of time you have worked on aircrafts.

#6. Ensure you get a letter from the Airworthiness Authority in the area you got your experience.

#7. Or instead, you can get a letter from the advisor of the International Civil Aviation Organization to validate your maintenance experience.

#8. Pay a fee for document review

#9. Show the Examiner your passport.

#10. Understanding English language as a requirement, could be waived for you making your certificate valid only outside the US.


Truly, getting certified as an aircraft mechanic requires hard work and determination.

However, the energy you put into your goal will yield positive results at the end.

We hope this article on “10 tips on how to get an Aircraft Mechanic License” was beneficial to you.

If you really read to this point I’m sure you will take the right steps.

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